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When we think of Build-A-Bear, we obviously think of their adorable line of customized plush pals that we’ve loved for years. But who said stuffed animals were just for kids? Not us. And the Build-A-Bear After Dark Collection proves it. The brand is no stranger to innovative launches and collabs. Consider, if you will, the $2,000 Swarovski Bear designed in honor of Build-A-Bear’s 25th anniversary celebration. The NFL, PAW Patrol, and Disney all have their place in the lineup.

The Build-A-Bear After Dark Collection is specifically intended for adults 18+, though (according to their website). And it’s definitely a little cheeky, but you won’t find anything racier than red satin robes and Mixed Beary Seltzer. So while we wouldn’t say the bunny in the black satin slip dress holding a glass of champagne is for kids (like, at all), you don’t have to worry about finding anything too off-brand at all. The line is super cute for your partner or best friends, and, as with all things Build-A-Bear, you can easily personalize and style your stuffie to suit your (or your Valentine’s) taste. And if sassy bunnies aren’t your cup of tea, the core Valentine’s Collection is still full of adorable options. A few of our faves are below!

Zaddy Lion

stuffed lion in jeans, a t-shirt, sneakers, glasses, and holding a martini
Build-A-Bear Workshop

Obviously, Zaddy Lion is the one you came here for. We know it, you know it. He's relaxed. He's confident. He's a bit of an intellectual, doesn't take himself too seriously, and prefers his martinis extra-dry. Is it the Jon Hamm/Mufasa mashup we didn't know we needed? Absolutely.

Right now, Zaddy Lion is sold out (to absolutely no one's surprise), but you can sign up for emails and get notified when he's available again.

Zaddy Lion ($59.00)—Buy Here!

Devilishly Pink Drama Queen Bear

Build-A-Bear Workshop

Whether she's your alter-ego or your whole vibe, this hot pink hottie is a great option for reminding your loved one how lucky they are to have you, or to show your appreciation to the drama queen in your life. She's sporting leggings, a cropped tank, street sneaks, devil horns, and even a spiked tail. How could you resist? Drama queens make life a little more interesting, anyway.

Devilishly Pink Drama Queen Bear ($43.45)—Buy Here!

Happy Hugs Champagne Teddy Bear

Build-A-Bear Workshop

Not all of these animals are trying to hand you a drink, but it's a holiday, so it's appropriate (even if it's just sparkling apple cider. Or...whatever fruit cider bears are into.). This bear is ready for romance with his PJs and robe. And yes, they're satin. He knows he's worth it.

Happy Hugs Champagne Teddy Bear ($44.80)—Buy Here!

Leopard Heart Pajamas Barkleigh

Build-A-Bear Workshop

Barkleigh knows we all have a devilish side and an angelic side, and she's embracing them both. As if her little boxer + crop top pajama set (covered in leopard hearts, which we didn't even know could be a thing) wasn't enough, the red fuzzy slippers are everything

Leopard Heart Pajamas Barkleigh ($50.95)—Buy Here!

Cocoa Cuddles 'I Like the Crêpe Out of You' Bear

brown stuffed bear wearing t-shirt, jeans, and work boots
Build-A-Bear Workshop

When it's not quite love yet, or your Valentine is just really into breakfast food, Cocoa Cuddles Bear can easily convey your message. And really, who doesn't like, if not loves, crêpes?

Cocoa Cuddles 'I Like the Crêpe Out of You' Bear ($39.10)—Buy Here!

'The Office' Pawlette Bunny

plush bunny wearing pink t-shirt, denim skirt, and white sneakers
Build-A-Bear Workshop

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that bunnies and The Office are both awesome. If we can't watch a full-length rabbits-as-cast-members episode, then Pawlette is the next best thing. She's even wearing her Pam-approved white sneakers.

'The Office' Pawlette Bunny ($40.30)—Buy Here!

'You're Okay' Smiley Monkey

plush monkey in red t-shirt, denim shorts, and white sneakers
Build-A-Bear Workshop

If it's not love...and it's a little less than like...then Smiley Monkey is here to let the most tolerable person in your life know that they're fine. Or, play it coy. Either way, this dude has your back. Also, he's wearing jorts. Just wanted to add that.

'You're Okay' Smiley Monkey ($39.80)—Buy Here!

Black Dress Barkleigh

plush dog in red robe and black slip dress

Okay, actually, maybe they are all offering us booze. Regardless, a black slip dress is a must-have in anyone's closet and our favorite pup Barkleigh has paired hers with a V-Day-ready robe, fuzzy slippers, and a bottle of bubbly.

Black Dress Barkleigh ($51.20)—Buy Here!

Tuxedo Lovable Lion

Build-A-Bear Workshop

What Zaddy doesn't also rock a tux? Lovable Lion is ready for a night on the town or a date at home—dressed to the nines either way.

Tuxedo Lovable Lion ($43.60)—Buy Here!

Of course, the Valentine's Day Collection for all ages is also adorable...

build-a-bear valentine's day 2024 collection
Build-A-Bear Workshop

First of all, that axolotl is wearing sneakers. Secondly, yes, that's a purple cow. They're all so, so cute.

Build-A-Bear Valentine's Day Collection—Shop Here!


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