Adults Need the ‘Boundaries Song’ As Much As Toddlers

Screenshots from the "Boundaries Song" video. Hopscotch / YouTube

The “Boundaries Song” is going viral for kids—but its important message is something a lot of adults can learn from, too

Adults can be kind of weird about kids and boundaries. Toddlers deserve bodily autonomy just as much as any other human does, yet so many of them are forced to hug and kiss relatives, even if they aren’t comfortable with it? It’s time to reframe how we think about boundaries for young kids—and that’s where the viral “Boundaries Song” comes in. Warning: this song will get stuck in your head, but that actually might not be a bad thing.

The song comes from the YouTube channel Hopscotch, and it helps kids understand that we all have different feelings about different kinds of interactions, like hugging, tickling, or teasing.

“Some people like hugs or standing close, teasing or tickling, while others don’t,” the song begins. “High fives, handshakes, kisses, sharing milkshakes—things people do and say, with others are not OK. Your feelings are important, no matter your size, so you can set boundaries to clarify.”

The incredibly catchy chorus goes like this: “Please stop, I don’t like that, I’m feeling uncomfortable, I need more space, not around me, don’t take it personally, that’s just a boundary, that’s a boundary.”

And already, all over social media, kids are singing this adorable—and educational—song.


I think its important to teach kids from a very young age how to handle uncomfortable sotuatyins and set girm booundaries. Parents or caregivers may mot always be present to enforce boundaries -this boundary song that i found on youtube has been a tremendous help im giving Leila the courage to say ‘please stop – i dont like that!’ – she even does it says it to her parents! Tag a mom who needs a great tool! . . . . . . . . . . #boundaries #boundarysetting @YouTube #toddlers #3yearold #kidmodel #children #parenting #melanin #brownskingirl @Jennifer Hudson Show

♬ original sound – Leila Danai


The boundary song is adorable. 🙌 (📹 @learnwithcharz) #kids #cute #daughter #gentleparenting #foryoupage #fypシ

♬ original sound – Peanut – Peanut

Even Ms. Rachel got in on the action:


Great message by @hopscotch.songs #msrachel #boundaries #parenting #gentleparenting

♬ original sound – Ms Rachel

And while the “Boundaries Song” might be meant for kids, people of any age can learn from its message. Anyone can set boundaries about behaviors they are and aren’t comfortable with—especially when it comes to anything having to do with their body. Just remember to sing: “Not around me, don’t take it personally, it’s just a boundary, that’s a boundary.”


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