From bedtime stories to lounge-around-on Saturday stories, books for kids can transport us to another world. In some cases, they can also make us feel better about the world we actually live in, and the one our kids are growing up in. These brand new picture books celebrate diversity, inspire kids of all genders to be their best, and remind us of kindness, courage and why sometimes being a rebel is the best decision of all. Read on for our favorite four new kids books that are hot off the presses!

Astronaut Annie

Annie’s career day at school prompts her family to guess all of the thing Annie wants to be when she grows up—and her family puts their own hopes and dreams into her. She’ll tell the world her story like her reporter grandfather, soar high like her basketball star mom, bake brave like her grandma. But Annie’s dream of being an astronaut takes all those things and more. Bonus info about famous female astronauts and facts about the moon, make this the perfect book for any aspiring astro-lover of any age or gender.

Written by Suzanne Slade, illustrated by Nicole Tadgell

Available Mar. 6, 2018. Preorder now.

Big Hair, Don't Care

When author Crystal Swain Bates saw a lack of books, written by women of color, depicting children of color in a positive light, she decided to do something about it. Not only did she start to write them herself, she also founded a publishing company—Goldest Karat Publishing. The goal of Goldest Karat, and Crystal, is to fill in the diversity gap with both non-fiction books as well as children’s picture books, activity books and coloring books aimed at African-American audiences. We think kids of all ages and backgrounds will love the bright illustrations and entertaining stories: our current faves include Big Hair, Don't Care, Color My Fro and Black Fairy Tales.

Buy it now.

Gokul Village & the Magic Fountain

When our editor’s son got his six-year-old hands on this book, he was beyond delight. In fact, he read it at least four times in a row. We’re not sure if it was the beautiful illustrations or the message of the book that grabbed him, but this book is a celebration of friendship, diversity and the power of imagination. So epic win, and kid-approved!

Written by Jeni Chapman and Bal Das, illustrated Charlene Chua

Buy it today.

Girl Running: Bobbi Gibb and the Boston Marathon

In 1966 Bobbi Gibb changed history by running in the Boston Marathon, despite being told that she couldn’t, because women weren’t allowed. This powerful new book takes you on an illustrated journey alongside brave Bobbi Gibb, from a girl who loved to run to a woman who defied and altered history forever.

Written by Annette Bay Pimentel, illustrated by Micha Archer

Available now.

If you like this book, you’ll also love The Girl Who Ran.

What’s your favorite new kid’s book that inspires your family?

—Amber Guetebier


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