If your kids are as obsessed as ours are with Percy Jackson and his epic adventures with the gods and monsters of Greek mythology, there’s great news. Thanks to Rick Riordan, there’s a trend in new stories in the vein of epic, fantasy adventures that weave together modern kids and ancient myths. Many are part of Rick Riordan Presents, a series curated by the author himself. Others are entirely original and equally enjoyable. If you’re looking for books like Percy Jackson, look no further. Be sure to check out our favorite graphic novels for teens and books for kids who love the Wimpy Kid series if you need more reading material for your older kids!

The Tristan Strong book series are books like Percy Jackson.

The Tristan Strong Series


In the thrilling three-book series by Kwame Mbalia, the author does for African mythology and folk tales what Riordan has done for Greek mythology. The story begins with a seventh-grade hero, Tristan Strong, who isn't feeling very strong after the death of his best friend, Eddie. During Tristan's summer stay at his grandparent's home in Alabama, Eddie's journal (which is precious to Tristan) is stolen by a strange creature. Tristan chases after it, and "accidentally" punches a hole into a land rich with monsters, haunted ships, and boiling seas. Mbalia weaves black American folk heroes like John Henry and Brer Rabbit with African gods and mythos. Our kids have devoured all three books in this series. Ages: 8-12

The Aru Shah book series are books like Percy Jackson

The Aru Shah Pandava Series by Roshani Chokshi


Another beautifully written three-book series in the Rick Riordan presents line, this gem features a fierce, 14-year-old heroine, Aru Shah. and her adventures in the Otherworld, based on characters and landscapes from the epic Hindu poem, the Mahabharata. The richness of author Roshani Chokshi’s voice and humor is present throughout. Ages: 8-12

Race to the Sun is a Native American children's book

Race to the Sun


One of the newest books in the “Rick Riordan Presents” series (which graced us with such home runs as Tristan Strong and Aru Shah) Nebula- and Hugo-award winning, Indigenous/Black author Rebecca Roanhorse brings the epic adventures of a young Navajo girl, Nizhoni Begay, who turns out to be a monster-slayer. Learn about famous heroes and monsters of the Navajo as your route for Nizhoni, her twin brother Mac, and her best friend Davery, in this page-turning novel for middle-grade readers that does not disappoint. Ages: 8-12

Pilar Ramirez and the Escape from Zafa


This epic adventure-style book like Percy Jackson written by Julian Randall addresses a topic few history books cover: the Trujilo dictatorship of the Dominican Republic and the many people who were forced to flee their beloved country. Families were torn apart. Loved ones went missing. Inspired by Randall’s family history, the novel is written from the point of view of Pilar, a 12-year-old girl whose own cousin went missing during the dictatorship. When Pilar attempts to learn her cousin’s fate, she is magically transported to Zafa: an island rich with beautiful creatures and sinister monsters, and the most feared of them all, El Cuco, the terrifying Dominican boogeyman. Pilar must face them all to rescue her cousin from the island’s prison. Kids will cheer for Pilar’s success and learn about the significance of the historical events that impact not only the history of the Dominican Republic but also the history of the United States and the immigrant experience. Ages: 8-12.


Solimar: The Sword of the Monarchs


New from Disney Hyperion, this book like Percy Jackson introduces readers to soon-to-be princess Solimar, a Mexican heroine on the brink of her Quinceañera and her official coronation. When she visits a nearby magical forest on the eve of her big day, she discovers she has the magical gift of foretelling the future, which proves to be a blessing and a curse. Written by Newbery Honor Medal winner Pam Muñoz Ryan. Available Now. Ages: 8-12.

Theo Tan and the Fox Spirit


In Jesse Q. Sutanto's action-packed adventure novel, we meet Theo Tan, a young Chinese American boy devastated when his older brother Jamie dies in a terrible accident. And he definitely does not want to inherit his dead brother’s spirit companion, a fox spirit named Kai. But Jamie’s death doesn’t seem to be just a simple accident and Jamie has left clues behind. Together with the fox's cunning, they investigate a world rich with Chinese gods and monsters. Ages: 8-12.

Try the Land of Stories series for books like Percy Jackson.

The Land of Stories Series


This popular five-book series by Christopher Colfer features twins Alex and Conner who leave home and find themselves in a magical world where they encounter many characters from the fairy tales they’ve been reading since they were little. Ages: 8-11.

"Lia Park and the Missing Jewel" is a book like Percy Jackson.

Lia Park and the Missing Jewel


Hot off the press from Jenna Yoon, in this book like Percy Jackson, you'll meet 12-year-old Lia Park, a middle schooler with strict parents who sneaks out to a birthday party with dire consequences. She’s not just breaking her parent’s rules, she’s breaking a protection spell. Lia now must rescue her parents from the undersea kingdom of the Dragon King in Korea. Ages 8-12.

The Last Fallen Star is a book like Percy Jackson

The Last Fallen Star (A Gifted Clans Novel)


Presented by Rick Riordan, Graci Kim debuts the heroine Riely Oh in the first novel in this series. Riley, an adopted Korean-American girl is part of a family of Korean healing witches. Her big sister is initiated and soon, Riley will be thirteen, old enough to join the witches herself. But because she is adopted, Riley worries she won’t have the powers. Her sister comes up with a plan and together they embark on a journey into a world of fantastic beasts and magic. Ages: 9-12.

And of course…

Rick Riordan also has authored several other epic series himself, just in case you didn’t know! 

The Heroes of Olympus series

The Trials of Apollo series 

The Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series 

The Kane Chronicles

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