Our children’s natural sense of curiosity has lead many a parent to discover more about the world around us—especially when we don’t know the answer to that pressing “why” question! Foster that sense of wonder and discovery with these children’s books that encourage those questions, from books about space and opposites, to the language of the sky, learn some of those answers yourself, too.

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books about space

Out of This World: Star-Studded Haiku


Explore space in a new way: through Haiku. Told in a simple and straightforward style, Sally Walker's journey through the galaxy is expertly told using Matthew Trueman's illustrations. Perfect for both kids and adults. Ages: 7-9

Bok's Giant Leap


The only children's book by Neil Armstrong has arrived. Kids will delve deep into the story of Bok, a moon rock who traveled space and time until he was discovered by the first men to walk on the moon. With beautiful illustrations by Grahame Baker Smith, young explorers will be captivated by this story. Ages: 4-8

Opposites Abstract


In this book by the beloved Mo Willems, best-selling author and illustrator and friend to all the pandemic children with his weekly drawing lessons, Willems uses colors, shapes, and textures to demonstrate the concepts of opposites—which are, to quote the Pigeon, "a matter of opinion." The book encourages discussion with children and those around them when the author asks questions like, "Is this soft?" and "Is this light?" in regards to the abstract art. An instant classic. Ages: Baby-2

The Seekers


We're not sure what is the best part of this amazing book; the original story based on mythology from the artists' native Mombai or the stunning illustrations created by Hari & Deepti, two paper-cut artists who bring the words to life. Both elements combine to make hands-down one of the most beautiful and unique books, one that inspires curiosity and wonder with the artwork and narrative alike: our heroines are two children who will soon learn that Silver Fox and Fire Wolf are anything but myths. Ages: 4-8

What Do You Do with an Idea?


The story of one small child and one big idea, that grows with the child’s confidence, until something amazing happens. This story is for all the dreamers, big thinkers, and inventors in our families, and encourages children to believe their idea is worthy and curiosity is a strength. Written by Kobi Yamada with illustrations by Mae Besom. Ages: 3-7

A Ray of Light


Walter Wick is known for his photographic find-and-seek books, encouraging curious kids everywhere to look beyond their first impressions. In A Ray of Light, Wick's stunning images are combined with easy-to-understand text. Kids will learn all about the speed, color, the spectrum, and all the other complex secrets to light. Ages: 6-8

books about space

She Stitched the Stars: The Story of Ellen Harding Baker's Solar System Quilt


For any of those kids who look up in wonder at the night sky, this book is a beautiful bedtime addition and is sure to inspire. Discover the magical story behind Ellen Harding Baker's quilt, which she began stitching in 1876, and which is an accurate depiction of our solar system. Today, the quilt hangs in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. Lovingly told by Jennifer Harris and illustrated beautifully by Louise Pigott. Ages: 4-8

best bedtime books astronaut annie, books about space

Astronaut Annie


As Annie prepares for career day at her school, she talks to her family about their hopes for her future as she plans her future career as an astronaut. Suzanne Slade's book will satisfy your curious kiddos with bonus material about famous female astronauts and facts about the moon, all accompanied by enchanting illustrations by Nicole Tadgell. Ages: 4-7

Barefoot Books Children of the World


Feed their brains with this beautiful compendium of children from around the world, with hand-painted illustrations by artist David Dean, discover countries and cultures across the globe. From holidays to hats, big ideas and little moments, this collection co-authored by Katie DePalma and Tessa Strickland will foster the global citizen in every child. Ages: 5-8

Britannica All New Kids Encyclopedia: What We Know & What We Don't


This hardcover encyclopedia is the book every curious kid will devour for years to come. Teeming with fascinating facts from everything we know about the universe to history to renewable energy, all on 424 full-color, heavily illustrated pages. Editor Christopher Lloyd interviewed experts in their fields to bring the most factually accurate info right to your kiddo's curious minds. Ages: 7+

From an Idea to LEGO


This awesome series, which includes other books like From an Idea to Google, and From an Idea to Disney, is basically like a "How I Built This" for kids, in book form. We learned so many amazing things about LEGO including the beginning concepts and hardships, fun facts and so much more. The perfect book for little LEGO lovers who want to go beyond sticking bricks. In short, Lowey Bundy Sichol's books are brilliant and inspiring for inventors and innovators everywhere. Ages: 8-12

How to Be a Coder


Kiki Prottsman doesn't just know all about coding, she knows how to foster curiosity and creativity in kids by encouraging, teaching and getting kids excited about learning to code...by reading. No small feat, getting kids to learn about greats like computer science pioneers Katherine Johnson and Alan Turing along with gleaning new skills, this impressive (and very colorful) book from DK is sure to be a hit. Ages: 7-9

The Book of Ingeniously Daring Chemistry: 24 Experiments for Young Scientists


Take a trip through the periodic table with the ultimate STEM book from Sean Connolly. With 24 hands-on experiments (which you can try again and again) and easy-to-follow instructions, kids can learn about chemistry by doing things like using ultraviolet light to locate bad cat smells, making “hot ice” by crystallizing vinegar and baking soda and so much more. Ages: 9 and up


—Amber Guetebier & Karly Wood



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