Now that your kids are avid readers, they’ll need bigger books to sink their teeth into. Enter: chapter books. With more developed characters and plots, these novels lend themselves to flights of fancy and often turn into series your kids can read for years to come.

The Midnighters is a new chapter book for kids.

The Midnighters


Ema has always been different from her family, and it takes a trip to stay with her uncle in Prague to meet someone who finally sees her for who she is. Silvie is everything Ema needs until she goes missing. Can she follow the clue Silvie has left her to find her in time? Ages: 8-12

Gabe in the After is aa chapter book for kids.

Gabe in the After


With a storyline that hits close to home, Gabe is learning to navigate a post-pandemic world. As he and the 20-ish other survivors carry on, they came across a girl they've never met who sparks joy in their tiny community. Who is she? Ages: 10-14

The Agathas is a chapter book for teens.

The Agathas


Young suspense enthusiasts will love this first book in a new series that's packed with suspense and drama. Agatha Christie-lover, Alice Ogilvie, has plenty of secrets of her own but the biggest mystery of Castle Cove is missing Brooke Donovan. Can our protagonist use her knowledge from her fave author to solve the question of what happened to Brooke? Written for mature audiences, this book is just as fun for moms and is the perfect beach read. Ages: 14+

Spineless is a chapter book for grade school kids.



Budding naturalist Algie Emsworth may love exploring, but his asthma is keeping him from living his best life. Set in the late 19th century, he's sent to a health resort where things aren't as they should be. Amidst the mysterious dead carcasses surrounding the property, Algie also comes face to face with a new species and forces who yearn to extinguish it. Ages: 8-12

The Wind in the Willows in 20 Minutes a Day: A Read-With-Me Book


Introduce readers to the classics with this intuitive "Read with Me" format that uses discussion questions and definitions to bring the story to life! In 20 minutes a day, kids will love digging into each story in a meaningful way that isn't overwhelming. Ages: 8-12

Mr. Lemoncello's Very First Game


OG Mr. Lemoncello fans will love this origin story prequel. Readers will get the entire backstory on the everyone's favorite game maker, Luigi Lemoncello, and his rise to stardom. Ages: 8-12

Life in the Doghouse Series


Inspired by the hit documentary, "Life in the Doghouse," this series of chapter books brings real-life rescued pups to life. Perfect for puppy lovers, each book focuses on a wild and crazy dog who's found their furever home. Ages: 7-10

A Duet for Home is a chapter book

A Duet for Home


June, Maybelle and their mom have just lost their home and can't believe they've found themselves at Huey House, the local shelter. When June can't even bring her prized viola inside, she doesn't think their new accommodations will work. Then she meets Tyrell, a long-term resident. Together, they form a fast friendship that comes in handy when a new policy threatens to oust them from Huey House. Ages: 9-12

Zara's Rules for Record-Breaking Fun


Zara and Zayd are excited when a new family moves in across the street, until Naomi seems to want to take over. Ever the neighborhood fun queen, Zara isn't so sure she wants to play by newcomer Naomi's rules. So she creates her own way for record-breaking fun: setting a Guinness World Record. Hena Khan's newest book is a fun read that moves fast and evokes tons of laughter. Ages: 7-10

The Einsteins of Vista Point


The Einstein's are all living in the wake of tragedy when they move to Vista Point. As 11-year-old Zach settles into the new, small town with mysterious landmarks, he makes a new friend in Ann. But is Ann holding back secrets? Ben Guterson's story is deep, meaningful and poignant and an excellent read for young and old. Ages: 9+

Grow Up, Tahlia Wilkins!


The Fairy Godmother of Womanhood has finally paid Tahlia a visit––right before the famed upcoming class party. In addition to the zit adorning her chin, she just can't catch a break. Together with her friend Lily, Tahlia embarks on a journey to get to the party no matter what (oh yeah, and find some feminine protection) in this hilarious, coming-of-age story by Karina Evans. Ages: 9+

Best New Chapter Books for Kids

Willis Wilbur Wows the World


Willis has just finished third grade and he's ready to take the world––and the summer––by storm. Too bad his best friend won't be there like they planned. So instead, our main man decides he's found his calling as the new neighborhood life coach. Author Lindsey Leavitt's new book in the forthcoming series is the perfect summer read for youngsters, with plenty of laughable moments and tons of gumption. Ages: 8-12

Operation Sisterhood is a chapter book

Operation Sisterhood


It's always just been Bo and her mom living in the Bronx, but now, things are changing. The two of them are moving to Harlem to live with Bill, her mom's boyfriend and the rest of the "house family." Oh, and a wedding is on the horizon. Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich weaves a beautiful tale of change, Black girlhood and the comforting communities found within the colorful streets of a New York City summer. Ages: 9+

Best New Chapter Books for Kids



An important story for young adults, Amina Luqman-Dawson's story on a slave's journey to freedom is told through various narrators. Homer and his sister Ada have only known slavery, which is all the more reason to leave the plantation behind. When they find themselves in a secret community, Freewater, they almost forget the horrors of their past. But Homer has an important decision to make when their lives once again become threatened. Can he make it back to his mother to free her, too? Ages: 10+

The Night Bus Hero


Hector is a troublemaker, but when he takes it too far, he's committed to turning his life around. When he pranks a homeless person and is seen by a classmate, Hector embarks on a journey of meaning as his story introduces readers to bullies and the problem of homelessness. Ages: 10+

Abby In Between: Ready or Not!


Abby has a lot going on in life. Between her best friend moving away, her mom going back to work and being forced to join the running club, her life feels a bit chaotic. On top of everything, it's time for a BRA. Megan E. Bryant's coming of age novel is the first in a series that young readers and moms alike won't be able to put down. Ages: 9+

The Supernatural Society is a chapter book for kids.

The Supernatural Society


Will is devastated when his mom moves the family out of New York to East Emerson, a small town in the middle of nowhere. He's even more upset when he discovers the town is full of monsters. Yep, real-life zombies, minotaurs and mummies. When the pets in town start disappearing, Will has to team of up with his new friend Ivy and her brother Linus to figure out what's really going on, and if the monsters are to blame. Ages: 9+

Maizy Chen's Last Chance


Maizy has found herself in Last Chance, Minnesota for the first time. When she and her mom travel there to take care of her sick grandfather, she not only finds that her family are the only Asian Americans in town, but that her family's restaurant, the Golden Palace, has lots of secrets to unravel. Ages: 8-12

The Swallowtail Legacy: Wreck at Ada's Reef


Lark has found herself on Swallowtail Island for the summer with her sister, stepdad and stepbrothers, along with a summer job helping to research a book. When she starts to uncover the mysteries of an unsolved boat crash, what results is a revelation involving murder and so much more. Michael D. Beil's first novel in the new series is intriguing for any mature reader who loves mysteries. Ages: 11+

Sofía Acosta Makes a Scene


Sofía comes from a family of dancers, but she just doesn't have the feet to become a professional like her parents. As a Cuban-American fifth grader, she's learning to navigate her own worldview, understand who she wants to be in life and what it means to be an immigrant family. Emma Otheguy's coming of age novel addresses racism and so much more that will keep young readers riveted. Ages: 9+

The Witch's Apprentice (Dragons in a Bag #3)


Fans of Zeta Elliott's acclaimed series continue the story with book number three. Jax is navigating all sorts of things: from his lessons as a witch's apprentice, his friends Kenny and Kavita and the biggest of all: a phoenix egg! Ages: 8-12

Cornbread & Poppy


Cornbread and Poppy are best friends, but they're very different. Where Cornbread is ready to weather the winter, Poppy has just realized she is not prepared at all. In this three-chapter book, follow along as Caldecott Medalist Matthew Cordell takes the pair up Holler Mountain where they find a new friend. Ages: 6-8

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