Hang in There: 25 Things New Moms Need to Hear

When times are tough or we feel a bit lost, we all need people to listen to us, support us and try to understand what we’re going through. And that goes double for new moms. We’re here for you, mama. Here are some of the best pieces of advice we’ve heard to help a new mom get through the day.

photo: Quang Nguyen Vinh via Pexels

1. You’ve got this.

2. Don’t compare your child’s milestones to others. Babies develop at their own pace.

3. If you’re concerned about your child’s health, call the doctor. Even after hours. Even on weekends.

4. You will sleep through the night again.

5. This too shall pass. (Whether “this” is teething pains, sleep regression or constant up-the-back blowouts.) Focus on the light at the end of the tunnel, and you’ll get there eventually.

6. Laughter is always the best remedy to whatever ridiculous thing is happening—like spit-up all over your outfit as you’re walking out the door.

7. Keep diapers, wipes and an extra change of clothing (for you and your baby) handy at all times.

photo: Howard Ignatious via Flickr

8. They’re only this little today, so take it slow and give yourself grace.

9. You may not feel ready to take on whatever new challenge motherhood presents (from labor to toddler tantrums), but you will get through them just the same.

10. Treasure every stage—each one is so fleeting!—and capture them as best you can with photos and videos.

11. However, don’t live out every moment through your camera lens. Put down your phone and soak in the moment…often.

12. Don’t compare yourself to other moms on social media or in real life. You risk comparing their best moments to your worst ones, which isn’t fair to you.

13. What works for someone else might not work for you. Do what makes sense for you, your baby and your family regardless of what books or other people say.

14. It’s ok to make changes when things stop working as well as they used to for you. Babies are constantly changing and growing, so it helps to be adaptable with nap schedules, their comfort level with strangers, and other aspects of your baby’s world.

photo: Donnie Ray Jones via Flickr

15. You can never hold a baby too much or “spoil” them with extra cuddles. Get in allll the snuggles while you can.

16. Trust your mama instinct. Always.

17. Make it a point to get to know other new moms who understand you.

18. Take a day of rest to recharge and rebuild your strength.

19. It’s okay to be exhausted, to cry, to wonder what the heck you got yourself into. And when you feel that way…

20. Surround yourself with support—and don’t be afraid to admit you can’t do it all. If someone you trust offers to hold your child or babysit so you can nap or run to Target, an appropriate response is, “Yes, please, and thank you!”

21. When all else fails, put yourself in timeout. Go for a walk, take a bath, or watch an episode of your favorite show. Even just leaving the room for a few minutes can help you calm down and get yourself together.

photo: Wayne Evans via Pexels 

22. There’s a reason it takes two people to make a baby. You and your partner are a team. Don’t try to shoulder the load alone.

23. If you can, sleep when the baby sleeps. If you can’t, do something you find fulfilling, whether that’s cleaning, cooking or calling up a friend. 

24. If your little one won’t sleep (or stop crying), putting baby down in the crib and stepping away for a breather can be good for you both.

25. When you get unsolicited advice, acknowledge the giver’s good intentions with a smile and say thank you…and then follow your mama gut.

—Suzanna Palmer


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