The Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist for New Parents-to-Be

Who knew a tiny baby would need so much stuff? We did! So here it is, our definitive list of everything you could possibly need when your baby arrives. We’ve grouped items into categories and divided them into must-haves and nice-to-haves so you can make smarter choices about exactly what to add to your baby registry. From baby sleep needs and diaper essentials to products just for mom, you’ll find it all here.



⚬ Wrap swaddles and/or swaddle blankets
⚬ Sleep sacks
⚬ Video and/or audio baby monitor
⚬ Pacifiers
⚬ Nightlight
⚬ Sound machine
⚬ Bassinet
⚬ Crib
⚬ Crib mattress
⚬ Mattress pads
⚬ Crib sheets

Nice to have:
⚬ Sound machine or music player
Blackout window shades
Play yard/travel crib
Glider or rocker
⚬ Mobile



⚬ Diapers
⚬ Diaper covers (if using cloth diapers)
⚬ Wipes
⚬ Diaper rash cream
⚬ Diaper pail & liners
⚬ Portable changing pad

Nice to have:
⚬ Changing table
⚬ Changing table pad
⚬ Changing table cover
⚬ Diaper caddy
⚬ Wet bag for storing dirty diapers



⚬ Bibs
⚬ Burp cloths
⚬ High chair 
⚬ Baby spoons

For bottle feeding:
⚬ Baby bottles
⚬ Bottle cleaning brush
⚬ Fragrance-free bottle soap
⚬ Bottle warmer

If using formula, add:
⚬ Formula
⚬ Formula dispenser
⚬ Formula-mixing pitcher or dispenser machine

If pumping, add:
⚬ Breast pump & pump parts
⚬ Hands-free pumping bra
⚬ Breast milk storage bags

For nursing:
⚬ Nursing pillow
⚬ Breast pads
⚬ Nipple cream
⚬ Nursing bras
⚬ Nipple shields

Nice to have:
⚬ Baby food maker
⚬ Bottle drying rack
⚬ Dishwasher basket for bottle nipples & pacifiers
⚬ Nursing cover
⚬ Hand pump
⚬ Nursing-friendly clothes
⚬ Insulated bags to hold baby bottles
⚬ Suction-bottomed baby bowls
⚬ Handheld vacuum cleaner
⚬ Bottle sterilizer or microwavable sterilizing bags
⚬ Toddler cups

Health & Safety


⚬ Nail clippers
⚬ Nail file
⚬ Rectal thermometer
⚬ Bulb syringe/nasal aspirator
⚬ Hand & face wipes
⚬ Hand sanitizer
⚬ Gripe water
⚬ Baby sunscreen
⚬ Outlet covers
⚬ Cabinet & drawer latches
⚬ Corner/sharp edge protectors
⚬ Window cord protectors
⚬ Furniture & TV straps
⚬ Baby gate
⚬ First aid kit (adhesive bandages, antibiotic ointment, petroleum jelly)
⚬ Mirror for viewing baby in the backseat
⚬ Baby-safe cleaning products

Nice to have:
⚬ Cool-mist humidifier
⚬ Digital thermometer



⚬ Washcloths
⚬ Baby hairbrush or comb
⚬ Baby-safe shampoo & body wash
⚬ Baby-safe body lotion

Nice to have:
⚬ Baby tub
⚬ Hooded towels
⚬ Bath water thermometer
⚬ Tub faucet cover



⚬ Infant car seat & base
⚬ Baby stroller
⚬ Rocker
⚬ Baby wrap or sling
⚬ Structured baby carrier

Nice to have:
⚬ Baby swing
⚬ Baby floor seat
⚬ Car seat base for second vehicle
⚬ Lightweight travel stroller



⚬ Onesies/bodysuits
⚬ Newborn hats
⚬ Sleepers, gowns or pajamas
⚬ Short-sleeve tops
⚬ Long-sleeve tops
⚬ Leggings
⚬ Footed pants or pajamas
⚬ Baby sun hats
⚬ Weather-appropriate clothing (shorts or sweaters)
⚬ Dresser
⚬ Kid-size clothing hangers
⚬ Clothes hamper
⚬ Baby-safe laundry detergent

Nice to have:
⚬ No-scratch mittens
⚬ Baby booties
⚬ Baby socks
⚬ Going home outfit
⚬ Dress-up outfit



⚬ Playmat
⚬ Teething toys
⚬ Rattles
⚬ Sensory balls
⚬ Books
⚬ Lovey

Nice to have:
⚬ Activity gym
⚬ Toy storage baskets
⚬ Child-size chair
⚬ Developmental toys
⚬ Stuffed animal

Mom Necessities


⚬ Postpartum or C-section underwear 
⚬ Guide to baby development
⚬ Water bottle
⚬ Diaper bag

Nice to have:
⚬ Heating & cooling gel pads
⚬ Cozy pajamas
⚬ Soft robe
⚬ Belly band
⚬ Postpartum recovery kit

—Eva Ingvarson Cerise


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