Give your child a name that’s out of this world (literally!) with these unique astrology names influenced by the astrological signs, constellations, and our solar system. Whether you name your child after an astrological sign (hello, Leo!) or something that will impress an astronomer (like Cressida, an inner satellite of Uranus), there are lots of heavenly names to choose from. For unique names a bit closer to home, consider baby names based on nature or travel.

One of Jupiter’s moons, the name comes from Greek mythology. Amalthea was a goat who nursed Zeus.

If you’re having a Sagittarius baby, consider this beautiful name. Sagittarius means archer in Latin.

Another astrological sign, Aries is a fire sign represented by a ram.

The third brightest star in the constellation Sagittarius.

Named for the Roman goddess of the dawn, Aurora refers to the beautiful lights you can see in high-latitude regions like the North and South poles.

A moon of Uranus, Bianca is part of the Portia group of satellites that includes Cressida, Desdemona, Juliet, Portia, Rosalind, Cupid, Belinda and Perdita.

This name means chisel in Latin and represents a faint constellation in the southern sky.

This constellation is located near the celestial south pole and in Latin means the keel of a ship.

It means heavenly in Latin, which makes sense, since celestial is another word for heavenly.

It means sun and is the Spanish and Italian version of the name Cyrus.

This name comes from cosmos, meaning universe.

Like Bianca, Cressida is one of Uranus’s moons.

This Persian name means sun; Ciro is the Spanish and Italian variation.

This moon of Jupiter is also the name of one of Zeus’s lovers.

This name means sun in Spanish and Italian.

The Eos family is a very large asteroid family in the outer region of the asteroid belt.

Like Estrella and Stella, the name Estelle means star.

The name of a mid-size comet currently in the constellation of Gemini that’s controlled by Jupiter’s gravitational effects.

This small, dark moon has a retrograde orbit around Uranus, meaning it moves in the opposite direction from the regular moons and Uranus’s own rotation. Perfect for an independent, free-thinking child.

This small moon orbits around Neptune and is named for the sea nymph who attended to Poseidon.

The most famous comet, Halley taught astronomers that comets could be seen in our skies more than once. It revolves around our sun every 76 years and will return in 2061.

This small moon of Saturn shares an orbit with another moon, Dione, and is therefore referred to as a Trojan moon.

Another comet that travels through our solar system, it was last seen from earth in 2008.

Discovered in 1966, the moon Janus orbits around Saturn.

Originally a boy’s name, Jupiter is now commonly used for girls too. It’s the largest planet in our solar system and the god of the sky and thunder in Roman mythology.

Gaining popularity because it sounds like both Kyle and Tyler, Kyler comes from the Dutch and means archer, so it would make a great name for a Sagittarius baby.

This small moon near Neptune’s faint ring system was discovered in 1989 and was named for a nymph in Greek mythology.

Leo is both the name of a constellation and a dwarf galaxy within that constellation.

The name Lucian means light and is another sun-related baby name.

Meaning moon in Latin, Luna was also a moon goddess in Roman mythology. Lunette, a variation of Luna, means little moon in French.

A star in the constellation of Taurus, it’s part of the Pleiades open star cluster, along with Alcyone, Atlas and Electra, all excellent baby names.

The smallest and fastest planet in our solar system and the closest to the sun, it comes with a built-in nickname, Merc.

Discovered in 1948, this moon of Uranus is known for its varied landscape. It was named for Prospero’s daughter in Shakespeare’s play The Tempest.

This bright star is in the Cassiopeia constellation. It was named by American astronaut Virgil Ivan Grissom, after his middle name spelled backwards.

It means “new star” and is the name for exploding stars whose luminosity increases. It’s one of the most popular astrology names for girls.

A star located in the constellation Sagittarius, it’s even more massive than our sun.

The name of a bright main-belt asteroid, Nysa is also the name of a mountainous region where nymphs raised the god Dionysus.

A small inner moon of Uranus and another example of people loving to name moons after Shakespearean characters.

If you love the name Hunter, consider Orion, the name of a constellation depicting a hunter. Orion is also the name of a NASA spacecraft.

Named after the Greek goddess of wisdom, Pallas Athena, Pallas is a massive asteroid.

This moon around Saturn was named after a Titaness in Greek mythology who was associated with the moon.

The Phoenix space probe landed on Mars in 2008 and was used to assess the history of water on the planet. We love this astrology name for either gender.

Like Phoebe, Rhea is a moon of Saturn. Other Saturn moons include Dione, Titan, Daphnis, Europa and Tethys.

This blue-white supergiant in the constellation Orion, Rigel is one of the brightest stars in the sky.

The sixth planet from the sun, this gas giant has more than 50 known moons and beautiful rings.

Like Estelle and Estrella, the name Stella means star.

Launched by NASA in 2007, the Themis satellite measures minerals on Mars.

Like Rhea and Phoebe, Titan is a moon of Saturn. Titan is the planet’s largest moon and the second-largest natural satellite in our solar system.

This bright star is visible in the summer sky in the Northern Hemisphere and is part of the constellation Lyra. A perfect astrology name for boys or girls.

The second planet from the sun, Venus is named for the Roman goddess of love and beauty.

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