Andy Cohen shared a seriously relatable parenting moment featuring his 4-year-old’s epic tantrum

Stars: they’re just like us. Well, not really. But their kids sure are! Here’s the proof: Andy Cohen, who just returned home from his latest book tour, was welcomed by his toddler son promptly having a meltdown over having to share a bite of a cookie with his little sister. Parents everywhere feel this in their bones.

Dad-of-two Cohen shared the hilariously relatable video on his Instagram.

“Welcome back from book tour, Daddy!” he wrote in the caption. In the video, we see him trying to reason with 4-year-old Ben, who is already in full meltdown mode.

“So you’re crying because I gave you a cookie? Is that why you’re crying?” Cohen asks as Ben wails in the background.

It turns out that it’s not really about the cookie, but the fact that Cohen broke off a piece of it to give to Ben’s 12-month-old sister, Lucy.

“Because I ripped a little piece off for Lucy so that you would share with her? Well, I think it’s nice for you to share,” he says, as Ben continues to sob.

At the end of the video, Cohen arrives at the natural solution: “I shouldn’t have given you the cookie; maybe none of these problems would’ve happened.”

[Cue all parents nodding their heads in recognition.]

Cohen (and Ben) found plenty of sympathy from his famous friends in the comments. Sharon Stone joked, “Learning to share is a life long ego struggle buddy.” Cheri Oteri joked, “Wait till you say, you can’t go if Lucy can’t go. Someone’s going through the wall!”

Don’t worry, Andy. The toddler years do end eventually. Good luck in the meantime.

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