You Can Stay On Your Favorite Sitcom Set with this Viral TV Show-Themed Airbnb


Die-hard sitcom fans, this one’s for you

We love a good comfort show. The shows we can watch over and over (and over) again. Shows we quote nonstop and always make us feel better after a rough day. And, if you’re anything like us (we assume you are), you’ve thought about what it would be like to live like your favorite characters. Even though you might not be able to move into the Rose Motel, you can step inside for a getaway that goes beyond a regular vacation. Enter Sitcom Suites.

A renovated fourplex hosted by Ohio couple Brenda and Otto Baum, this Cincinnati Airbnb destination is designed to look like four of the most iconic TV sets: Friends, Seinfeld, Schitt’s Creek, and Golden Girls. The one-bedroom, one-bathroom units can generally accommodate up to 4 people and include everything superfans could want. Replicas of furniture, decor, and even studio lights. You can even choose to rent one unit or all 4. Of course, you want to see these epic rentals, and we’ve got the details.

'Friends'—The Purple Suite


Could this be any more accurate? The Purple Suite includes the famous lavender-hued walls, vintage fridge, and even the “Jouets” print hanging behind the living room TV. From the cozy mismatched kitchen table to the replica of Rachel’s bedroom, you’ll be fully in Friends mode. There’s even a window with the view you’ve come to love (minus The Naked Guy).

Airbnb The Purple Suite—’Friends’ Living Room
Airbnb The Purple Suites—’Friends’ Bedroom

Book The Friends Purple Suite on Airbnb Here!


'Schitt's Creek'—The Creek Suite


Feeling like a disgruntled pelican? Get away to your own little corner of the Rose Motel with The Creek Suite. Complete with teal “brick” walls, David’s designer sheets, and your very own wig wall, they didn’t miss a single detail (although we do think the kitchenette and bathroom are nicer than on the show, but that’s just us).

Airbnb The Creek Suite—’Schitt’s Creek’ Dining Area
Airbnb The Creek Suite—’Schitt’s Creek’ Kitchenette

Book The Schitt’s Creek Creek Suite on Airbnb Here!


'Seinfeld'—The New York Suite


It’s a suite…about nothing. If you’re not expecting Kramer to burst into the room, then we don’t know what to tell you. Even the blue couch looks like almost an exact replica of Jerry’s, and the tiniest details like the hanging bike, cereal assortment, and “vintage” (okay, ouch) stereo system are all in place. You might just have to supply the Junior Mints.

Airbnb The New York Suite—’Seinfeld’ Kitchen
Airbnb The New York Suite—’Seinfeld’ Kitchen & Living Room

Book The Seinfeld New York Suite on Airbnb Here!


'Golden Girls'—The Golden Suite


Picture it: Cincinnati, 2023. The Golden Suite is a Florida retreat in Ohio that Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia would absolutely approve of. There’s rattan living room furniture, the classic Golden Girls kitchen, and a dining table perfect for late-night chats with your nearest and dearest.

Airbnb The Golden Suite—’Golden Girls’ Kitchen
Airbnb The Golden Suites—’Golden Girls’ Bedroom

Book The Golden Girls Golden Suite on Airbnb Here!


Sitcom Suites House (4 Suites)


You can also go ahead and rent the entire Sitcom Suites house that includes all 4 suites for a majorly memorable getaway with all your friends or family.

Book the Sitcom Suites House (4 Suites) on Airbnb Here!

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