Known for being enthusiastic and cool, babies with a November birthday also have some serious star power

If you know a few nonagenarians whose birthdays are in November, it might not be a coincidence. According to research, being born in November may well mean having a longer lifespan, among other unique traits. Sure, babies born in August are known for their positive attitudes, babies born in September are said to have strong bones, and babies born in October might be just a little bit taller. But people with November birthdays? Well, they stand out from the crowd, and we’d like to tell how. 

child with a november birthday
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They Have Some of the Rarest Birthdays

Turns out, November is one of the most uncommon months to be born. In fact, according to this handy chart compiled using data from the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics and the U.S. Social Security Administration, six of the rarest birthdays of the year, including Thanksgiving Day, are in November. 

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Children with a November birthday are known for being athletic, like these kids playing soccer

They’re Athletes

Not everyone can make the first string, but there are fewer bench warmers among this bunch. According to a study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, kids with a November birthday are often fitter and stronger than those born in other months when measured for cardiorespiratory fitness, handgrip strength, and lower-body power. There's a clear physical advantage for those born in fall, researchers indicated, while also using this information to explain some bias in sports selection, particularly those leagues and schools with September age cut-off.

They're Strong at Heart

While heart disease is an unfortunately common ailment, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association found that those born in November are least likely to be diagnosed with cardiovascular disease. A look at 10 cardiovascular conditions showed that people born in autumn are more protected than those born in winter.

A happy little girl in fall celebrating her November birthday

 They Lead Longer Lives

It’s pretty rare to live to be 100. Less than 1 percent of all Americans will make it to a full century, but if you’re born in November, chances are better that you’ll be among the few. Researchers from the University of Chicago found that babies born from September to November are more likely to become centenarians (or 100-year-olds) than those born in any other month. Being female, having good genetics, and a higher socioeconomic status can also help get you into the 100-plus birthday club.

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A little boy with a book is shocked to learn that he is more likely to be left handed because he has a November birthday
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November-Born Boys Are More Likely to be Lefties

Left-handers make up just 10 percent of the population, but if you have a November birthday, you may well be one of them. More specifically, boys born during November are more likely to be lucky lefties, according to research published in Cortex journal. Scientists suspect this may be tied to pregnant women's early exposure to sunlight, which can increase testosterone levels and result in left-handedness. 

They’re A-Listers

Just about every month has a few birthday claims to fame, but none quite as stellar as November. Celebrities born in November include Leonardo DiCaprio, Scarlett Johansson, Martin Scorsese, Jodie Foster, and Ryan Gosling. It’s pretty clear that November babies are destined to be among the accomplished award-winners.

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Two little girls celebrate their November birthdays together
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They Are Brave and Enthusiastic

If you or your child has a November birthday, that means you or they are either a Scorpio (birthdays through Nov. 21) or a Sagittarius (Nov. 22 on). The ever-passionate Scorpio is known for being intuitive, brave, and hard-working, while fun-loving Sagittarius kids are recognized for their honesty, enthusiasm, and spontaneity. So, what does that mean? It means that if you're born in November, you must have a pretty great personality!

They Are Cool as Cucumbers

November babies have two birthstones: the topaz, which symbolizes calmness, and the citrine, also known for its tranquil energy. The stones both signify the serene, as well as prosperity, fortune and joy. No wonder people born in November are so cool! And both of these beautiful birthstones are more affordable than others, making a jewelry-related gift for people with November birthdays a bigger and better possibility. 


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