Our Values

Every day we feel humbled that so many parents trust us with their
precious memories and milestones. We work hard to be a company that
families can rely on and love.

We Are Parent Obsessed

The reason we exist is to serve parents. A relentless focus on supporting parents and injecting happiness into their days is the reason we do what we do.


We've Got Your Back

We believe a diverse community strengthens our team. Role and title is no filter for support. We are all for one and one for all.

We Tell It Like It Is

We empower everyone to have the courage to share their thoughts. We believe in building an environment of trust through radical candor and transparency.


We are Learners

We are always learning, trying, adapting, trying and learning again. Failing is part of life!

We are High Performance

High Performers demonstrate a hunger for amazing, getting better and vying for greatness. Taking on challenges are part of life!

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