This Mom Found a Way to Stop Her Baby from Crying & It’s Genius

It can be very challenging to get anything done when your baby won’t let you out of their sight. One mom’s hack to keep her baby smiling is both genius and hilarious.

In a Twitter post that has gone viral, a Japanese dad shared the clever experiment he came up with to help his one-year-old stop crying whenever his wife left the room. As the post explains, the one-year-old cries as soon as his mom leaves his sight, so this clever dad decided to create a life-sized cardboard cutout of his wife to keep him content.

In the Twitter thread that follows, the dad shares that his experiment is, in fact, a huge success and the baby is seen happy and smiling in a video as his cardboard mom watches him play. Eventually, he catches on to the ploy, however, when he starts talking to the cutout and doesn’t receive a response.

Of course, the boy is never left alone and his real mom is always close at hand, but she can probably rest a little easier knowing she can step into another room without setting off a fountain of tears.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: The Honest Company via Unsplash



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